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Coast to Coast Cycle

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 Easter Raffle 2013

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Christmas Raffle 2012

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Leaving Party 2012

The Leaving Party was held at the Blyth Spartans AFC on Wednesday 8th August

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Visit 2012

The chernobyl children's charity four week visit is now scheduled to begin on Saturday 14th July 2012.



Druridge Bay 10K

Charity Secretary John Hardy & charity supporter Donna Straker ran the 10k event, to raise funds for our charity, on Sunday 3rd June 2012. See the Events page for details. If you missed the sponsor forms dont't worry, you can use the donate button at the bottom of this page.



Killingworth Shopping Centre Fundraising

On Saturday 26th May 2012, Lynda, Brenda, Helen & Donna set up a charity stall in the Killingworth shopping centre from 10 till 4. Click the Events page for details




Tranwell Airfield Car Boot Fair

Sunday 13th May 2012. Apart from almost being blown away the COG stand managed a nice return on the day. See the Events page for details.



Easter Raffle


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Chernobyl Disaster 26th Anniversary

Thursday 26th April 2012 marked 26 years since reactor No.4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded creating the worlds worst ever nuclear disaster.



John Miller & His Country Casuals

Yet another successful fundraising concert supported by the UK's finest Country Music band, John Miller and His Country Casuals  performing the highly acclaimed 'Honky Tonk Merry Go Round 2010' in aid of the Chernobyl Orphan Group at the Radcliffe Club on the 13th November 2010. See the Events page for details 






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Why do we help? 




  •  "For each child taken to the UK they are returned two years life. We are the hostages to the hazardous aftermath of radiation and the future of our very race is threatened with extinction, as our children, our gene pool is seriously ill. In the midst of this tragedy, we have been given hope by the people of the UK. Thank you for supporting the lives of our children."...      

            ...Dr Zolovok, Director of the Soligorsk region children's hospital in Belarus


  • I myself visited Belarus... Walking through the village square in Vetka, Belarus, for example, where radiation measures between 5 and 50 times above normal background levels, depending on which patch one happens to be standing on, I could not help but wonder what life must be like for those who make this place their home: elders worrying about their grandchildren's prospects of finding jobs, or parents unsure whether to take the chance of bearing children. The slight dryness in the throat and headache that began to develop were not a cause for concern, I was told. They were 'normal' symptoms of the body reacting to higher levels of radiation. (Truly, seeing is believing)...       

          ...Under-Secretary-General Kenzo Oshima,

                  United Nations Coordinator of International Cooperation on Chernobyl (link)




Benefits to Belarusian children from UK respite visits

  • The children are removed from an environment contaminated with radioactive isotopes, primarily caesium 137 ( 137Cs) isotope, from the Chernobyl reactor explosion. This gives their bodies time to clear the contamination and their immune systems time to recover. 
  • The children receive an improved uncontaminated diet, including higher protein, mineral & vitamin content than that normally available to them.
  • The children are hosted by loving, highly committed families, intent on providing a caring loving environment for the children in their care. Families are interviewed and CRB (DBS) checked each year to help ensure safe and appropriate care.
  • The COG charity compiles a fun, educational & health improving program for the children. Events include camping, canoeing, swimming, picnics, ice skating, museum visits, music evenings, sailing, zoo & historical site visits. These events are often donated by friends of the charity or organised by host families.
  • The children receive gifts of warm winter clothing, school wear and personal items to take back to their orphanages or foster homes each year. This cost is met by the host families.


Evidence and references for Caesium 137 contamination and its consequences.

  • The World Health Organisation 2006 and IAEA 2005 reports describe contamination from the Chernobyl disaster .

                  a.  WHO Chernobyl Report 2006

                  b.  International Atomic Energy Agency, Chernobyl report 2005


  • The W.H.O. completed their 2006 report in association with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The  I.A.E.A. is an organisation charged with promoting the efficient and safe use of nuclear energy. The interests and influence of the I.A.E.A. has not gone unnoticed.

                  a. The Other Report on Chernobyl (TORCH) 2006

                  b. Chernobyl Review 2006

                  c. Chernobyl Disaster Report 2008


  • Maps are available depicting the Caesium 137 radionuclide contamination in Europe & Belarus

                  a. Europe Chernobyl Radiation Contamination Map

                  b. Belarus Chernobyl Radiation Contamination Map


  • Caesium 137 biological half life.

                  a. Effective half life (physical & biological)

                  b. A survey of young persons & some measurements of Russian children

                  c. Information on Caesium isotopes and their effects.


  • Problems in the UK, thousands of miles from Chernobyl .

                  a. UK sheep farmers still under Chernobyl cloud 2009

                  b. Chernobyl’s effects linger on in the UK


  • Other Medicine & Chernobyl groups .

                  a .Chernobyl Children Life Line, Inverness

                  b. American based group visits Belarus


  • Other references to the Chernobyl disaster .

                  a. Chernobyl children show DNA changes (BBC)

                  b. Chernobyl - 20 years later (Der Spiegel)

                  c. Radioactive Caesium Spill Cooks Europe (gives perspective on Chernobyl )

                  d. UNICEF - UN special meeting to commemorate Chernobyl

                  e. Disposal options for 137Cs